New Publisher Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to set up your affiliate account on Commission Factory.

The following guide is to help you as an affiliate, navigate the dashboard and ensure you get the most out of being part of the network. This guide will cover all the essential steps needed to establish your Commission Factory account, and begin promoting. 

Step 1 - Filling out your profile

The first step you should complete after being approved as an affiliate to the network is to complete the details in your account settings. These details you should look to complete are: 

  • Account avatar 
  • Account description 
  • Dashboard branding
  • Email visibility 
  • Media deck hosting

A detailed guide on how to fill out your profile can be found here: 


Step 2 - Adding traffic sources

Once approved to Commission Factory, you will be prompted to add a traffic source to your account. This is the intended method of promotion you will be using on the network. You may wish to add multiple traffic sources. 

To add multiple traffic sources or update your promotional methods, access the "account" menu, located at the bottom of the menu bar on the left-hand side. From here navigate to the Traffic Sources menu, located under "Account" and to the right. Click on the pencil to the right to update the details of your existing traffic sources and the 'Add New' button to add additional traffic source/s. Make sure all traffic sources you intend to promote Advertisers with are added here before applying to an Advertiser's program


Step 3 - Adding your payment details

You must complete this step in order to receive any commissions. 

You can add your payment method details in 'Account' located at the bottom of the main menu bar along the left-hand side in your dashboard. In this section, click into the 'Billing and Payment' tab.  Our network provides a number of payment methods for affiliates to choose from:

  • If you are an AU based Affiliate, you may select Australian Bank Account, PayPal or Payoneer.
  • If you are an International Affiliate you may select PayPal or Payoneer. 

Once you have added your payment details, it is important to note the following.

  • There are three options for payment scheduling; 'Every week, every two weeks and every month'.
  • Commission Factory commission payment threshold is a minimum of $50AUD up to $10,000AUD. This means your account will need to have a minimum of $50AUD in approved commission for any commission to be paid out.

For more details on commission payments, please see below: 


Step 4 - Applying to advertiser programs

Now that your account is set up, you can start applying to Advertiser programs in the 'Advertiser Marketplace'. Search for individual advertisers in the search bar by typing in their name. Click 'filter' to narrow down your search by vertical, promotional method or commission structure.

Alternatively, you may sort your Advertiser Marketplace by clicking any word at the top of the directory to search by 'Advertiser, Country, and Status'. By default, the listings are sorted from the newest programs launched.

To view details of an Advertiser's program select the arrow for a drop-down brief overview OR click on the eye icon to view the full program details. 

To apply to an advertisers program, either select the "tick" icon on the right-hand side of the advertiser's row within the advertiser marketplace or access the advertiser's profile and apply at the bottom of the page.  


Step 5 - Finding and using creatives

Once you have been approved to an Advertiser's program you will gain access to their creative assets and promotional tools found in the 'Creatives' section of your dashboard. This is located on the left-hand side of your dashboard menu. 

Promotion can be conducted by utilising any of the creatives supplied by the advertiser. Creatives range from text links (often referred to as tracking links, affiliate links or deep links), promotions, coupons, banners, data feeds and more. Select the best promotional method suited to your traffic source/s to begin promoting the Advertisers you are joined to.


Step 6 - Transactions and billing 

Now that you have set up your Commission Factory account, applied to advertiser programs and pulled your first tracking link, the final component is transaction tracking and payment. 

All transactions in your account will be displayed in the 'transactions' section of your account. This will display key information about each individual transaction, including the click date, sale date, sale value, commission value, order id and more. Most importantly, it will reflect a transaction status, which will match one of the below: 

  • Pending - A transaction that just recently occurred and is awaiting the validation period to be completed
  • Locked - A transaction that has passed the validation period and will be billed to the advertiser on the next cycle
  • Approved - These transactions have now been billed, money received from the advertiser, and are now due for payment to affiliates in your next invoice
  • Paid - These transactions have been paid out to affiliates. No changes can occur and cannot be reversed
  • Void - Invalid or canceled orders that will not be included in invoices.

These statuses reflect the stage at which this transaction is within the network.

Helpful article on publisher payments: 

Final Steps and Considerations

Some additional steps to setting up your account are listed below. These are not essential to your account performance or activity but may affect your experience with the network.