Advertiser profile

To view an advertisers information page, visit the 'advertiser marketplace' and then search for the merchant you are looking for. From here, select the three dot icon on the right hand column and select the 'View Advertiser' option. This contains an in-depth overview of the program and shows a detailed description of the brand, commission payout, tracking and validation windows, and program restrictions.

This profile includes details on the advertiser's default commission rate, tracking period (cookie length), transaction validation period, program restrictions, a description of the program and whether you are joined to their program.

This section also contains commission information influencing all current, scheduled and historic rates that the merchant has provided the specific affiliate account. 


Commission Per Sale - This is the payout for each valid order you send to this advertiser. Payouts are commonly either a % or set $ per action (sale or lead).


Tracking Period - This is the cookie window (or cookie length) that the advertiser credits sales to an affiliate after a user has clicked through (e.g. An advertiser has a 30 day tracking period, a user you referred 14 days ago makes a purchase, you may be entitled to the affiliate commission for this order if no other affiliates have been involved in this referral).


Validation Period - The validation period is the time by which an advertiser has to validate pending transactions from the date of sale. This gives the advertiser time to process returns or other factors which may lead to a commission being declined.


Description - This is where the advertiser is sharing more details about their brand such as company background and mission, and reasons to promote their brand.


Commission Rates - If the advertiser offers any commission tiers, custom commission payouts or bonus payouts, these will be listed here. This section will also provide the option to view current rates, scheduled upcoming rates and historical rates. 


Program Restrictions - Some advertisers don’t allow all types of affiliates to promote their brand. This is where you can see whether your specific website is an allowed promotional method for this program.


Joining the Program - At the top of this information page, you can submit an application by clicking the 'Join Program' header. This will prompt you to select one or more of your listed traffic sources as an intended promotional method. Select the traffic sources you wish to promote with. Please keep in mind, you are only approved to promote on the listed traffic sources. Once your application has been submitted, this will go into a pending state and the advertiser will then have the ability to approve or decline your affiliate application. You will be notified of the outcome. How long this takes depends on the advertiser and how frequently they process affiliate applications.