Why is my Advertiser application pending?

This article explains why your application to an advertiser program may still be pending.

A large portion of Advertiser's on the Commission Factory network are utilising the platform in a self-service or SaaS fashion and are responsible for approving their own affiliates. This can mean they can take some time to approve your request to join their program. 

Some of the reasons there could be a delay in approving your application include:

  • The advertiser only approves applications on a consistent timescale such as weekly, fortnightly or in some cases monthly
  • The advertiser has received a large volume of applications and it is taking some time to review the applications to their program
  • The traffic sources you have applied to the advertiser with are not a match or do not comply with their program restrictions
  • The person responsible for reviewing applications in-house is currently absent and will review the affiliate applications on their return, or
  • The advertiser is unsure about your application or the methods you intend to promote them

As an affiliate, it is important that you complete your profile, traffic sources, and any other information that could assist an advertiser to quickly approve you and leave no doubt as to whether you are a good fit. Please see our guide on how to optimise your affiliate account to increase your chances of being approved onto a program. 

Some other considerations to increase your chance of success or to explain why your application may still be pending include:

  • Check if the Advertiser indeed allows your type of promotions in their Program Terms or Restrictions
  • Check if they have any additional information in their Campaign Description about which affiliates they wish to work with. 

If you are waiting a long time to be approved we also recommend sending the Advertiser a message via our internal Message Centre highlighting the benefits you can bring by promoting their program.  You can do this by navigating to the Advertiser Marketplace section of the platform, and clicking the three-dot icon on the right-hand side of their program information bar. 


For more information on how to use the Message Centre, please visit our Help Centre guide here