Profile settings

In your account settings you can change information related to your account, such as the avatar, profile description and hosting of a media deck. This information is managed in the 'Settings' section of the platform, located in the top right-hand corner of the platform (indicated by a cog icon). 


Change Avatar


This may either be a personal photo or a business logo, depending on the nature of your account, however, please ensure this image remains professional. Advertisers receive a lot of affiliate applications each day, however, due to time and resource restrictions may only have time to briefly peruse each application. The avatar is the first thing an advertiser sees when going through new affiliate applications to their program. Having your business logo visible to advertisers will help you stand out from all the affiliate applications and increase your chances of getting approved.




The description area gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself or your company as a whole, and the value you can bring to advertisers. A little blurb is enough to add here.


Media Deck


Many affiliates will have a media deck or media kit to help introduce their product or services to advertisers. If you have a media kit, this can be uploaded here.