Adding traffic sources

How to add additional traffic sources to your affiliate account

Listing your traffic sources allows advertisers to clearly see where their brand and trademarks will be promoted. Sources can be broken down into three main areas: Traffic Sources / Websites, Social Media Accounts and Email Lists.


Traffic Sources


To add a traffic source, simply click on Add New towards the right-hand side of the page. This will then prompt you for further information, such as the type of traffic source you are entering (e.g. Blog, Mobile App, Software), the name of this traffic source, URL, category (e.g. Fashion, Toys, Baby), approximate weekly visitors and approximate years online, as well as a detailed description of this traffic source. 


Editing Traffic Sources


To edit a traffic source you have already entered, simply click on the edit pencil towards the right-hand side of your screen to update the details.


Social Media Accounts


To connect with your social media accounts and allow Commission Factory to integrate, simply click on Connect towards the right-hand side of your dashboard. Upon logging in to your selected social media account, this will then be integrated with your Commission Factory affiliate profile. Integrating with your social media accounts will display the reach of those to advertisers. 


Email Lists


If you intend to use email lists to your members or subscribers, you can enter this information in this section by clicking on Add New. Adding an email list will allow you to promote email creatives if supplied by your approved advertisers.