Navigating the Commission Factory Affiliate Platform

A brief outline of the different sections of the Commission Factory Platform.

Below is a detailed description of the main areas of the affiliate Platform. Please note, each section has its own support articles which further detail information on specific areas and functions.


The reports area of your platform contains the advertiser marketplace, placements, and groups. 


The advertiser area shows an overview of all of the available advertisers on the network that you can submit an affiliate application for. Advertisers can be filtered by category, type, status and by which creatives they have available for promotion. 


The placements marketplace contains any opportunities that publishers wish to provide merchants on the network. These opportunities could be exposure placements, social media exposure, email inclusions, and more. For more details, please see our Place Marketplace guide here.


The Groups section allows publishers to group advertisers in any manner they wish. This can be used to create detailed custom reports, provide opportunities to select merchants and message groups. For more details, please see our Groups guide here.


The reporting section contains details on transactions attributed to your affiliate account, metrics on your sales, merchants clicks and more. This section also contains custom reporting where publishers can create and schedule custom reports. For more details, please see our Custom Reports guide here.


The creative area contains all of the imagery, links, and assets that you can utilise to promote advertisers once you have been accepted to their program. Creatives include banners, promotions, and coupons, email templates, widgets, text links, images, and videos. For more information on Creating text links and deep links, please visit our guide here


Your settings section is made up of your profile, account avatar, traffic sources, payment options, and invoices. This section also allows you to upload your media kit for viewing by advertisers, and show/hide your personal details from advertisers.  For more information on how to optimise your affiliate account, please visit this guide. 


If you are new to Commission Factory, we highly recommend reading our New Publisher Guide.