Custom Reports

This article teaches affiliates what custom reports are and how to create them in the dashboard.

What are custom reports? 

Custom reports are essentially reports that can be created and edited by the affiliate based on a number of dimensions, metrics and filters to cater for a more bespoke report for the affiliate's specific requirements. These reports can be scheduled and a CSV file sent to a chosen email address. 

These reports are a fantastic way to gain more granular insight and knowledge from specific campaigns, regions, website traffic, advertiser, and so on.


How to create a custom report

Custom reports are accessed by clicking on the Reporting tab and then by selecting Custom. This is where affiliates can find all custom reports and use Name, Date Range and Schedule headings to sort the listed reports. 

To create a new custom report, press the Add New button on the top right-hand side. This will lead to the New custom report section to start creating and populating a custom report. Affiliates are required to add a name for the report, a date range, dimension columns and metric columns. It is optional to add filters and whether or not to schedule the report.

Whilst selecting dimension columns, metric columns and filters, this will dynamically populate the preview report itself on the right-hand side. This is so that affiliates can see exactly what report is going to look like and include. 

When finished selecting the data points for the report and happy with the preview, please click Save report at the bottom.  

Once a custom report has been created, at any time affiliates can select the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of each report, which allows to either View, Edit or Delete that report. 

When viewing a report, affiliates can also export the report to either a CSV, JSON or XML file.