Placements Marketplace

This guide explains how affiliates can use the Placements Marketplace in the dashboard.


What is the Placements Marketplace? 

Essentially, the Placements Marketplace is where affiliates can submit their advertising placements and opportunities for our advertisers to view and take part in. Affiliates will choose the type of placement they are offering and include general details, dates and any required fixed fees and/or CPA (cost per action) increases. Placements can then be showcased to selected or all advertisers at the affiliate's discretion. Advertisers can then submit their placement application to participate, which then the affiliate can view to approve or decline. 

How to add a placement

For a video tutorial on how to use the Placements Marketplace, please watch our YouTube video below.

The Placements Marketplace is accessed by clicking into the Marketplace tab, Placements, then Directory.  In the Directory, affiliates can search for their placements or use the filter to sort by placement type and status. 

To add a placement, simply click the Add New button on the top right-hand side. This will trigger an overlay to appear prompting affiliates to select the type of placement that is being offered. Once selected, move onto the next step by clicking Next

The next step to complete is the Content requirements, which are the details of the placement. This includes the title, description, submission deadline, start date, end date, whether the placement availability is limited and whether any creatives are required. Once all fields are filled in, click Next

The Commercial requirements step is where affiliates can select to charge a fixed fee and/or request a commission increase for the advertisers to participate in the placement. Simply, click to move the toggles to the right to indicate yes. By toggling yes for the first option to charge a fixed fee, a drop-down will appear prompting to enter the fee amount in Australian Dollars. By toggling yes to request for a commission increase, advertisers who apply to your placement will be prompted to submit a commission increase offer which later the affiliate can accept or decline. Click Next when ready to move to the next step. 

On the next step, affiliates can decide the Visibility of the placements, please select either All my advertisers or Selected advertisers. By choosing Selected advertisers, a text box will appear where affiliates can enter the advertiser names. Click Next to arrive at the last step. 

Lastly, affiliates will confirm the placement, which is a preview of the entire placement before submitting. When happy and ready to publish the placement, click Save.

How to view, approve and decline placement applications

Advertiser placement applications are located in Placements Marketplace in the Applications tab.  Affiliates can search for applications or use the filter to sort by advertiser, placement type and status. 

To view, approve and decline placement applications, click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the application. 

By declining an application, affiliates will be asked to provide a reason for declining the application and the option to prevent an advertiser from reapplying to the placement. 

Affiliates also have the ability to export advertiser placement applications by clicking the Download button on the top right-hand side of the table. 

For information on how to use and navigate the Advertiser Marketplace, please visit our Help Centre article here

Important things to note

1. Publishers can select to be notified when a brand applies to a Placement via Placement Marketplace. This can be set up via Settings > Notifications > 3-dot icon on the right of user email > Edit

2. When a Publisher selects "Creatives Required" for a placement, advertisers who are interested in applying will be prompted to load the creatives within their application. 

3. Publishers MUST check all applications before the submission deadline or the applications will disappear.

4. If there are limited availabilities for a placement, please note that the placement will no longer be available in the Placement Marketplace once the maximum number has been reached.