How to promote using email marketing

This article helps affiliates understand how to promote brands via email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is the targeting of consumers through electronic mail, mainly referred to as an EDM. In general, email marketing is a more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing. Just like social media, email marketing requires a database of people to communicate the affiliate offer to in order to see conversions. 

For affiliates who do not already have a list of subscribers, they will need to start somewhere, such as on social media, and incentivize users to sign up to their email list. There are also some third-party companies that offer email lists in their services, although they can be of low quality and may result in poor performance.

Please note: Affiliates should ensure that any subscribers they obtain have opted in to being contacted with marketing messaging.  

Adding email lists to your traffic sources

In order to promote through email marketing, you will need to add basic information about your email database to your Commission Factory account. This can be done in the Traffic Sources section of your Account Settings. Please note that this does not require you to upload the email database itself, only basic information surrounding the approximate size, mailout frequency, etc. 

Please follow our guide on How to add email lists to your account for more information. 

How to promote via email

After you have added the information about your email database to your account, you’re now able to start promoting brands with email marketing.

Tracking Links

In order to earn commissions on sales that came from your EDMs, your audience will need to click through one of your tracking links. Tracking links can be found in the Creatives section of your Affiliate account and under the Text Links section. To learn more about Text Links, please see our guides on Creating Text or Deep Links and What is a Deep Link.

Coupon Codes 

Showcasing coupon codes within EDM campaigns is a great incentive for users and may see more engagement and a higher click-through rate. Please see our Help Centre guide on What is the difference between Exclusive Coupon Codes and Exclusive Clickless Coupon Codes? for more information.

Email Creatives

To access email creatives from the platform, head to the Creatives tab and select Emails. The email creative section will list information such as the advertiser, description of the email template, the date this was added to Commission Factory, and also a start and/or end date if specified by the advertiser. For more information on how to access and use email creatives from the platform, please visit another one of our Help Centre articles here

Tracking your email marketing performance

To monitor and track the performance of specific EDM campaigns, affiliates can append unique IDs on their tracking links. For assistance on how to utilise unique IDs, please visit our Help Centre guide here.  

All transactions that are tracked to your account will automatically report on the first unique ID field. There is also a preset unique report available by going to Reporting > Unique IDs. Otherwise, affiliates can use the custom reports feature to create more granular reporting on unique IDs and other data points. 


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