What is the difference between Exclusive Coupon Codes and Exclusive Clickless Coupon Codes?

This article explains what exclusive coupon codes and exclusive clickless coupons codes are and the difference between them.

Exclusive Coupon Codes

Exclusive Coupon Codes can be set up by the Advertiser in the platform for the Affiliate to use and share with their audience. However, Exclusive Coupon Codes must be used alongside a tracking link as a click must be recorded in order for the sale to be attributed to the affiliate. 


Exclusive Clickless Coupon Codes

Exclusive Clickless Coupon Codes uses a form of tracking that does not require a click to be the source of the transaction. Uses exclusive coupon code assigned to individual Affiliate to match the transaction to the Affiliate, instead of a click. This may also be known as cookieless tracking.  

For an Affiliate to have an Exclusive Clickless Coupon Code assigned to them depends entirely on the Advertiser's shopping cart ability and integration with the Commission Factory platform. If the Advertiser's shopping cart has the ability to pass back coupon data to our platform, then an Exclusive Clickless Coupon Code can be set up by the Advertiser for an Affiliate to use without needing to use a tracking link alongside. 


For information on how to use coupon codes, please see our Help Centre article here