Understanding unique IDs

This guide helps affiliates understand what unique IDs are and how to use them on tracking links.

What are unique IDs 

Unique IDs (unique identifiers) are appendixes used at the end of tracking links. In affiliate marketing, unique IDs are used by affiliates to help them refer to where a tracking link originates from, whether it be from a specific page on a website, an eDM, banner, and other creatives. 

For example, this is especially helpful for affiliates who send multiple eDMs to understand the performance; which eDMs perform well and which do not. This can be used to help optimise and improve future eDMs to increase conversion rates. 


How to use unique IDs

Unique IDs can be placed on the end of a HTML code for banners, coupons, promotions, and text links (both a standard tracking link and HTML hyperlink). 

To place a unique ID on a tracking link, go to Creatives and select the type of creative you would like to promote with. Click the three-dot icon on the right-hand side of the creative you wish to use and select Get HTML

This will open an overlay, as pictured below: 

Up to four unique IDs can be added to a tracking link.

A unique ID can be any word, letters, or combination of numbers. Once entered, it will automatically update the tracking link at the bottom of the overlay which can then be copied and pasted. 


For more information on how to create text links and deep links, please read another one of our Help Centre articles here