How to promote using Snapchat

Snapchat is a relatively straightforward place to conduct simple affiliate marketing activity compared to other social media platforms. Below is a guide of the actions needed to run affiliate activity on Snapchat.

Adding Snapchat to your traffic sources 

To add Snapchat to your account, you can do so by going to Settings > Traffic Sources and clicking Add New under the Traffic Sources subheading.  Then, an overlay will appear requiring you to enter Type (please select Mobile App), Name, URL, Category, Description, Approximate Weekly Visitors, and Approximate Years Online. Once filled in, press Save and this will be added to your account. 

How to promote via Snapchat

After you have successfully added Snapchat as a Traffic Source to your Commission Factory account, you’re now able to start promoting via your Snapchat profile.

In order to earn commissions on sales, your audience will need to click through one of your Commission Factory Affiliate tracking links. Tracking links can be found in the Creatives section of your Affiliate account and under the Text Links section.

To learn more about Text Links, please see the following articles:

Creating Text or Deep Links

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Below is a brief step-by-step guide on how to promote brands on Snapchat. 

  1. Outline a goal or strategy. Affiliate marketing on Snapchat can be used alongside more traditional affiliate activity on blogs and other social media channels. This may also help to build a stronger following, increase engagement and traffic.  
  2. Create a following to have an audiencePublishers can start off with family and friends and expand their following by sharing their Snapchat profile on their websites or other social media platforms.  
  3. Stay informed of the platform’s affiliate disclosure rules and guidelines. Publishers may be required to disclosure affiliate links and/or paid ads.  
  4. Share unique and relevant content that resonates with your audience. Creating unique content plays a large role in standing out from the crowd and attracting new followers.  
  5. Actively engage with your following regularly. Presence will help build loyalty and trust. Publishers can also engage with their following by sending direct snaps for a more personal approach. 
  6. Measure performance to find what is working and what is not. Using data will assist with making relevant optimizations where necessary.  

            On Snapchat, there are three different ways to include affiliate tracking links which are relatively simple to execute.  

            1. Snaps sent directly to followers. 
            2. In Snapchat Story posts. 
            3. Directly in one-on-one and group chats 

                All three methods are done by taking a photo or video and selecting the paperclip icon indicated in the camera editor. This will open an overlay where users can type in a URL, in this case, publishers can type in their unique tracking link

                Furthermore, affiliates can also promote brands by sharing Exclusive Clickless Coupon Codes with their audience. Requesting an exclusive clickless coupon code from an advertiser via the Message Centre to use in your promotional efforts is a great way to incentivise your audience. 
                These can then be posted virtually anywhere you can comment/chat on Snapchat. Whether it be text on a video/photo, in chats, or stories. 

                Please note: It is important to stay in the know of what the platforms affiliate disclosure rules are. To find out more information, please visit the platform's website and read through their advertising guidelines and/or disclosure rules. 


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