How long does it take for an advertiser to respond?

This article touches on why your message to an advertiser might not have been responded to yet.

A large portion of advertisers on the Commission Factory network utilise the platform in a self-service or SaaS fashion and are responsible for managing their own affiliate program. This can mean they may take some time to respond to your request. 

Some of the reasons there could be a delay in response times include:

  • The advertiser only manages program activity on the platform on a consistent timescale such as weekly, fortnightly, or in some cases monthly.
  • The advertiser has received a large volume of messages and it is taking some time to review and respond to the messages on the platform.
  • The in-house person at the brand responsible for managing their affiliate program is absent and will review messages on their return.

If you are messaging the brand to present your campaign opportunities, then we highly recommend taking advantage of our Placements Marketplace feature on the platform. This feature enables affiliates to upload specific placements or opportunities to our platform that they would like to showcase to the advertisers whose program they are joined to. The placements posted can then be viewed and undertaken by the advertisers. 

As an affiliate, it is important that you complete your profile, traffic sources, and any other information that could assist an advertiser to quickly understand how you are intending to promote them and being undergoing campaigns more efficiently. Please see our guide on how to optimise your affiliate account to help your account stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of being approved to brand programs.

To get your offering out to a wider pool of brands, affiliates are more than welcome to send their media kit to our Publisher Development Team at <>. 

For more information on what a campaign is, please see another one of our Help Centre articles here