What is an affiliate campaign?

This article briefly explains what an affiliate campaign is and where you can showcase your campaign opportunities to brands in your account.

Affiliate campaigns are run as marketing strategies to promote certain brands, products, and/or services. These can be conducted using various different types of online marketing methods such as social media posts, 

They can be as interactive as the affiliate chooses. 

Examples of common online affiliate campaigns can include, but are not limited to: 

- A blog post

- Email Display Marketing (EDMs) 

- Website homepage takeover

- Social media posts such as; Instagram posts and stories, YouTude videos, TikTok videos, Facebook posts, and more. 

- Competitions, for example, an influencer's Instagram post can include a description stating 'tag three friends to win a $200 voucher at X brand'.

- Paid Search

Some affiliate campaigns can be a mix of the above examples conducted over a period of time in return for a CPA increase, flat fee, exclusive coupon code, or other compensation provided by the brand.  

The Placements Marketplace in the platform allows affiliates to upload specific campaign opportunities they would like to showcase to the advertisers whose program they are joined to. The campaign opportunities posted can then be viewed and undertaken by the advertisers.

If you also have a media kit available for our team to present to brands, please forward it to <affiliates@commissionfactory.com>. 


For more information on our Publisher Best Practice, please see this Help Centre guide