What is a media kit?

This article informs affiliates on what a media kit is, what should be included in one, why it is beneficial to have and how to add it to your affiliate account.

What is a media kit?

The purpose of a media kit is to provide a package of information and details about a business/individual and the value proposition. In the affiliate space specifically, an affiliate will create a media kit about who they are, what they do and how they promote advertisers. Media kits are created to provide a general overview, as well as created for specific periods or events within the year. For example, affiliates will often create 'Q1' media kits specifically for the first quarter of the year, or media kits for sales periods/events, such as End of Financial Year Sale or Black Friday and the placements/opportunities available in those campaigns. 


Why is having a media kit beneficial? 

Media kits are a way for affiliates to showcase themselves to brands and is a stepping stone for building a closer relationship to the brand. Having one will increase the chances of being approved onto advertiser programs. This is because the advertiser will have all the information needed to clearly understand how the affiliate operates, how they can partner and the opportunities available. 

Providing a media kit that Advertisers can refer to when planning upcoming campaigns and sale periods will increase the potential partnership uptake. 


What needs to be in a media kit? 

Below is a list of all the information and details that a media kit usually consists of, along with other optional yet highly desirable additions that will help your media kit stand out from the crowd. 

  • Required - General and background information. This is like an introduction for brands to assist with understanding who the affiliate is, what they do, how they operate, as well as any other value adds or unique selling points. 
  • Highly desired - Any relevant social media and/or website user/audience reach, demographic and geographic statistics. 
  • Required - Exposure opportunities available for brands to participate in. For example, eDMs, website exposure, content, social media posts, etc. Alongside this, including what the respective costs are (whether it be CPA increases and/or a flat fee) with currency clearly labelled (SGD, USD, AUD, MYR, etc.). It is also important to include any other brand requirements needed to participate (deadlines, creative assets, content copies, etc). Screenshot examples of the available opportunities are always helpful so the brands can visually see how they will be promoted. 
  • Highly desired - Case studies and existing or previous partnership collaboration examples. 
  • Required - Contact details. 


How do I create a media kit? 

There are plenty of media kit resources and templates that can be found online for free, or for a small price. Otherwise, media kits can be created with a bit of creativity and ingenuity.


To add a media kit to your affiliate account, please follow our Help Centre article here


If you have a media kit and would like to share it with our Publisher Team, please contact <affiliates@commissionfactory.com>.