Affiliate Application Tips

Before you submit your affiliate application to join Commission Factory, please consider our following suggestions to optimise your chances of approval.

Have you entered all of your details correctly? 

Please ensure all details are spelled correctly on your application as there can be small errors made on most importantly, contact email addresses and traffic source URLs. If your email is not correct and valid, you will not be able to access your account or receive any updates regarding your application status. 

Is your traffic source live and publicly accessible? 

Our Publisher Development team requires all traffic sources to be live and accessible. This is so our team can review each traffic source and ensure it meets our approval criteria. Additionally, any brands you wish to partner with would want to see where they will be promoted prior to approving new affiliates into their program.

Please Note: 

For websites: Unfortunately, we cannot accept websites that are in the process of being built, are under maintenance, or are underdeveloped. 

For social media accounts: Please make sure your account/s are NOT on a private viewing mode or belong to a closed group. 

For websites: Are you applying with a corporate email address or an email address that is clearly listed on your website? 

It is imperative that your email address is associated with the website domain you are applying for, as our team is required to verify ownership of traffic sources. 

Did you select the correct site type?

If you are unsure what site type describes your website the best, please read our definitions on promotional methods here.

Is it clear how you will be promoting our advertisers? 

Adding your 'Site/Business Description' at the last step of the application process helps our team know exactly how you will promote the advertisers on our network. If it is unclear how you will promote via your website, your application may be rejected. 

Are you actually an advertiser?

If you are applying with an e-commerce website and directly selling products/services, you are an advertiser (aka merchant). An affiliate (aka publisher) is someone who promotes another brand and directs traffic to that brand's website. Please feel to apply to become an advertiser here and your application will be reviewed by the correct team. 

Please note: Once you have submitted an application, please wait up to three business days for our Publisher Team to review. When our team has reviewed your application you will receive an automated email (please check your spam folder just in case). 

For assistance on how to apply to Commission Factory as an affiliate, please view our Help Centre article here