Advertiser program application tips

This article shows affiliates our tips and recommendations to consider before applying to advertiser programs.


Are all your traffic sources and social media accounts listed in your account? 

Before applying to any program, it is important for affiliates to have listed all the traffic sources and social media accounts they plan to promote the advertiser with. A ramification of not listing all traffic sources may result in void commission. For example, if a transaction is made from a traffic source that is not listed in your account, this would be a breach in the program terms and the advertiser might not pay commission on those sale(s). We also require full transparency on where our advertisers are being promoted to build successful and long-lasting relationships on our network. For help on how to add traffic sources to your account, please visit our Help Centre article here


Do you have a media deck uploaded? 

Adding a media deck or one-pager to your account is extremely beneficial as helps advertisers have all the information needed to clearly understand how the affiliate operates, how they can partner and the opportunities available. Having one uploaded into your account will increase the chances of being approved onto advertiser programs. Additionally, this is a way for affiliates to showcase themselves to brands and is a stepping stone for building a closer relationship to the brand.  

For more information on what a media kit is and what it should include, please visit our Help Centre article here


Have you filled in the About Us field in your account settings? 

It is imperative that the About Us field in your account This helps advertisers have a better understanding of who you are, what you do and how you intend to promote the advertiser. This overview is visible to advertisers when you request to join their program. Therefore, by doing so it will improve your chances of being approved onto a program. For help on how to fill in the About Us field in your account, please visit our Help Centre article here


Know your audience

Before applying to an advertiser program it is important to consider your audience and if it is suited for that Advertiser. It is helpful to identify and communicate what resonates and performs well for your audience. For example, knowing the following will be helpful when joining an advertiser program:

- Where is most of your traffic coming from? 

- Who is your demographic? 

- What products/services are your audience most interested in and has converted well previously? 

- Are the advertisers you want to promote in line with your vertical/niche? 

If the Advertiser's target demographic does not align, it may result in a declined application.


Before joining advertiser programs we also highly recommend you have first optimised your affiliate account. To find out how to do this, please read our Help Centre article here

If your program applications are still pending, please allow more time for them to manually review the application. Here is more helpful information on pending applications.