Why have I not received payment?

This article touches on the reasons why you may not have received a payment on commission yet.

Payment Details

It is important to make sure that your account has firstly been optimised and includes your correct and preferred payment details. We offer Australian Bank, PayPal and Payoneer as payment methods for affiliates to use. Payment details can be added and edited by going to Settings > Billing. Once entered, please remember to click Save Changes underneath. 


Payment Threshold

In order to receive payment, your account must first meet our minimum payment threshold of $50 AUD. To choose a higher payment threshold, you can toggle this anytime in your account by going to Settings > Billing. Once selected, please remember to click Save Changes


Payment Frequency

Publisher payments are processed every Thursday AEST. By default, payment frequency is set to once a week in your affiliate account. At any time you can change the frequency to either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Once selected, please remember to click Save Changes


Accepting PayPal Payments Automatically 

If you have selected PayPal as your preferred payment method, then this might be why you have not received payment yet. Some users are not able to automatically receive and accept payments. In this instance, it is important for the user to accept the payment source in their PayPal account. Please follow this article to find out how to change these settings in your PayPal account. 


Our Publisher Payment Process is another Help Centre article you may find useful if you need more information.