Accepting PayPal payments automatically

This guide shows affiliates on how to accept PayPal payments automatically.

While PayPal can be a simple and easy tool to use to receive your payments, some users are not able to automatically receive and accept payments. In this instance, it is important for the user to accept the payment source in their PayPal account. 

If the payment from Commission Factory is not accepted and returned to us the user may incur a charge for the reprocessing of your payment.

There are options within PayPal to avoid this happening and we have outlined below what to do to automatically receive payments without manually having to accept/claim them.

Step 1:

When you first log in to PayPal you should already be on the My Account tab and presently on the Account Overview page. On the far right of the My Account tab options is Profile. A drop down will appear when you hover but simply click the Profile link to be taken to the Profile overview.

Step 2:

Once on the Profile overview click on the My Selling Tools link in the left sidebar.

Step 3:

On the My Selling Tools page is an option under the Getting paid and managing my risk and additional option named Block Payments. Click the Update link on the right to go to your Block Payments settings to update them.

Step 4:

Now within the Block Payments page titled Payment Receiving Preferences, you can update your settings.

Under the option  Block payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold, select  No, accept them and convert them to [currency] Dollars. This will now mean that when we send you payments you will have accepted them and should not need to worry about them bouncing back to us.

For added security and to verify your identity be sure to go through the PayPal verification process. Also, remember to add or verify any additional email addresses you use for payments.