International bank transfer payments for affiliates

This article explains how affiliates are able to receive commission payments via bank transfer. We answer all frequently asked questions around this topic.

How can I add my international bank details to my account? 

To add your international bank details, please reach out to our team at <> and request this feature to be enabled for your account. 

Once enabled, go to Account Settings > Billing > scroll down to Payment Settings and select International Bank from the dropdown box. Next, add in all the required fields and choose which currency you wish to receive commission payments in. When finished, press Save Changes on the bottom right-hand side. 

Are there any fees involved for affiliates? 

There are no banking fees or exchange fees involved for this. Neither affiliates nor Commission Factory will incur any fees. 

What other international payment options are there? 

Other than international bank transfers, Commission Factory offers affiliates to use PayPal or Payoneer to receive their commission payments. 


For more information on our Publisher Payment Process, please visit our Help Centre guide here