Which advertisers should I promote?

There will always be trial and error phases in order for affiliates to find the 'right' fitting brands. Below, we help affiliates understand how to find the best brands to promote and what they should look out for.

How do you promote advertisers? 

There are many different types of affiliates, from influencers, content blogs, cashback, loyalty, and the list goes on. It is most important to focus on how you intend to promote advertisers and with what traffic sources. For example, promoting advertisers on social media platforms compared to websites can affect your promotional efforts and even the type of audience/engagement you attract.

From there, finding a niche is a great way for affiliates to narrow down advertisers in similar categories/verticals that will resonate well with your niche and target audience. 

Affiliates can discover, search, filter, and apply to advertiser programs in their account via the Advertiser Marketplace


Know your audience 

Knowing your audience is a great insight to help affiliates understand which advertisers would perform well.

By taking into account the demographic, target markets, age, behaviours (shopping habits, likes/dislikes) of your audience, it will be easier to filter for advertiser programs to promote. 

For instance, if a large portion of your audience is based internationally, it would make sense to promote brands that are able to service international markets. 


Use reporting

By promoting a range of different or similar brands, affiliates can use reporting after a period of time to compare performance and find insights that may help to build a better promotional strategy. 

By using the 'Advertisers' report (available in the platform by going to Reports > Advertisers) affiliates can gauge their performance on all the advertiser programs they are joined to. Comparing statistics on clicks and conversions will provide a clear understanding of what brands are working well for your audience. 

For more information on the Advertisers report, please visit our Help Centre guide here


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