Joining advertiser programs

The advertiser area of the dashboard contains a portfolio of advertisers that you can choose to promote. By default, this section will display 25 advertisers per page, however, this can be extended by increasing the filter at the bottom of the page.



By default, advertisers are sorted by the last launch date. This keeps you up to date on new program launches on the network. You can also sort advertisers by country, commission, average commission (AVC), average order value (AOV), conversion rate (CR), earnings per click (EPC), average payout days (Avg. Payout Days)  and status by clicking the relevant column header on the page. 



You can filter advertisers by category, type, status and creatives on offer. You can also search for an individual advertiser by typing the brand or company into the search box near the top left of the advertiser list.


Bulk Applications

After you have filtered to relevant advertisers you wish to promote, you have the ability to bulk apply to programs by ticking the checkbox at the top of the list. Whilst this is possible, it is not recommended and Commission Factory advises to proof each advertiser's T&C's closely to ensure you adhere to any restrictions. 


View Report - This shows your activity and performance report for this advertiser


Join Advertiser - Selecting this option will submit an application to the advertiser


View Program - This takes you through to the detailed description of the advertiser's program


Message Advertiser - This takes you through to the Message Centre and allows you to message the advertiser


More Information - This will expand the advertiser's listing to include further information such as the number of coupons, items in the advertiser's datafeed, the number of banners provided by the advertiser as well as a short description of the brand