Advertisers report

This article helps publishers access and understand advertiser reporting in the platform.

The advertiser's report contains an overview of daily activity and performance across all the advertisers being promoted. Affiliates can access traffic reports by clicking Reporting at the top menu bar of the platform and clicking Advertisers

The graph display can be toggled by clicking the dropdown box at the top right-hand side. Options include: 

  • Commission
  • Sale Value
  • Transactions
  • Clicks 
  • Impressions

Date ranges

The date range for the report can be changed by clicking the date bar underneath the graph on the bottom left-hand side. The date range dropdown includes the options, This Week or This Month, or Custom. By clicking Custome, it is possible to specify the date ranges to a custom timeframe. Lastly, affiliates have the ability to compare dates by selecting the checkbox. Once finished, click Apply

Sorting the advertiser report

Affiliates can sort the traffic report displayed underneath the graph by clicking on any of the column headings. This will sort the into ascending or descending order.

Exporting Reports

As an affiliate, there is the option to export reports. Simply click the Download dropdown button on the right-hand side and there are three options to choose from:

  • Export To CSV 
  • Export To JSON 
  • Export To XML 


To understand and start creating custom reports, please view our Help Centre article here