How to increase conversion rate (CR)

This article shows our recommendations on how to increase your conversation rate.

If you are driving plenty of clicks but are driving little to no conversions we recommend checking the average conversion rate (CR) of the programs you are promoting. You can check the average conversion rate of an advertiser program by clicking on Marketplace then Advertisers, then checking underneath the CR subheading tab. 

If your conversion rate is far below the average CR of the program/s, you may want to take the following points into consideration: 

  • Consider your user base or audience and where your traffic is coming from – are your typical users or audience a good match for the advertisers you’re promoting and would they be interested in their products/services?  
  • How well are you performing on similar advertiser programs? Gauging performance on programs of a similar nature may help indicate whether it’s a particular advertiser that isn’t converting or whether your user base doesn’t seem to be interested in products of a certain type. 
  • Are you tracking and analyzing the behaviour of your visitors? This can help investigate and figure out why there have been little to no conversions occurring. By using Google Analytics (GA) for example, you can check the top countries/locations where your traffic is mostly coming from. GA can also inform you of your bounce rate and exit rate, how long your visitors stayed on your website and how many of them are converting eventually into shoppers.
  • Have you re-evaluated your site? SEO is a strong contributor to the performance of your website. As sometimes, simply improving content can lead to more sales. Please read our Help Centre article for How to increase website traffic and improve SEO for our suggestions. 
  • Do you have a call-to-action at the bottom of every article/post? It may help to use deep links instead of regular text links to direct a user to a specific product page instead of the advertiser’s homepage. This helps to make the journey for the consumer as seamless as possible with less chance of them navigating away. Feel free to check out our Help Centre article on Creating text links or deep links for more information.
  • Are you driving enough volume? Naturally, the more clicks you drive, the greater your chance of converting into sales. You may want to consider your overall volume of clicks before looking at individual performance. This could also depend on the vertical of the advertiser. For instance, advertisers in the travel vertical will have a higher click volume before seeing a conversion compared to advertisers in the fashion vertical.
Conversion rates can vary greatly, depending on the promotional method, time of placement, demographics and more. Our tracking will drop cookies whenever a consumer clicks on an affiliate link, so if clicks are being recorded, then sales will be tracked if they are occurring.
It's important to also remember that the affiliate channel operates on a last-click model, so if a consumer clicks any other affiliate link after clicking yours, the sale will be attributed to them.

Feel free to check out another Help Centre article on How to increase website traffic and improve SEO.