Publisher Best Practice

This guide is for affiliates who would like to learn more about how they can gain interest from brands and create more revenue from their promotional activity.

Advertisers are constantly looking for ways to work more closely with relevant affiliates and are interested in hearing from them about additional exposure opportunities to generate more sales.

In exchange for the right exposure opportunities, advertisers will be able to offer:

  • Commission rate increases (ongoing or for a period of time)
  • Exclusive or best in market offers (ongoing or for a campaign)
  • Fixed payments

To plan their marketing activities in advance, advertisers will expect that affiliates are sharing their exposure and campaign opportunities on a regular basis. For example, this could be monthly or quarterly opportunities in a media deck shared by the affiliate.

Affiliates are encouraged to keep active communication with their preferred advertisers through:

  • Placements Marketplace: The best way to showcase any opportunities in front of advertisers.
  • Message Centre: The easiest way to communicate with brands directly in the Commission Factory platform. 
  • Working with Commission Factory account managers and publisher managers. Affiliates are more than welcome to share their media kits and upcoming campaign opportunities with our Publisher Team by emailing <>

Below affiliates can find some examples of opportunities that affiliates share with advertisers to work closely with them and generate more revenue securing commission increases and/or exclusive or best-in-market offers.

It is important to note that the below opportunities are normally available in two different ways:

  • Ongoing opportunities: Available at any time. These are normally used by advertisers to get their own offers and campaigns featured outside any retailer shopping event.
  • Campaign opportunities: These are aligned with the usual shopping events throughout the year (e.g. EOFY, Black Friday, Boxing Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.). Please see our Commission Factory affiliate marketing calendar with key dates for 2021.

Opportunity examples: 

Below are other important things that advertisers want to know about new publishers:

If you are interested in what advertisers are looking for when receiving an affiliate's media kit, please check out our guide here