Dashboard Homepage

The affiliate dashboard provides you with both in-depth reporting functionality as well as a snapshot on the homepage of key statistics for your account.

The following sections can be found on the dashboard homepage:

Performance overview

A graph of your account's last 30 days of performance by conversions (default) - you can toggle this to show the graph on other metrics by clicking the dropdown box on the top right-hand side of the graph. 

Account overview

This displays an overview of your account's Available balance and Pending commissions

Please note: You can access more information on the different transaction statuses and our publisher payment process, please visit this Help Centre article. 

My Account Statistics

Affiliate Rank - How you compare against other affiliates on the Commission Factory platform. This will increase as your activity on the network increases.

Program Acceptance - The percentage of advertisers that have accepted your affiliate application.

Transaction Void Rate - The percentage of your orders that have been voided by advertisers. 

Network Programs - The percentage of advertiser programs on the Commission Factory platform that you have chosen to join.

Quick link generator

Affiliates can use the quick link generator to easily create tracking links to use. Simply type in the name of the advertiser you wish to create a tracking link for. The quick link generator will then dynamically populate the landing page as the advertiser's homepage and display your tracking link underneath which you can copy to your clipboard. 

Please note: You can override the landing page field with any other URL from the advertiser's website to create a deep link. For more information on this, please visit our Help Centre article on Creating text links and deep links

Upcoming events

Any upcoming Commission Factory events will be listed here. 

Tasks and alerts

Outlines to-do items in your account, such as unread messages from advertisers, advertiser programs you are joined to but are not sending traffic to, etc.

Advertiser Statistics

Top advertisers by clicks - The top advertisers that you are sending traffic for. 

Top advertisers by transactions - The top advertisers that you are sending conversions for. 

New advertisers - A list of the most recent advertisers to join the network. 

Social Media Traffic and Device breakdown

This area is a breakdown of your traffic against linked social media channels (IE. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and insight into devices your traffic is using.

Latest creatives

Provides a list of the latest creatives that have been added to advertiser programs you are joined to.

Please feel free to view our New Publisher Guide for more information on our platform.