What are Available and Pending Balances?

This article explains what the Available and Pending Balances refer to in the homepage of your affiliate dashboard.

The homepage of your affiliate dashboard provides a snapshot of the recent performance in your account. This mainly includes traffic statistics, conversions, Available Balance and Pending Balance. 


Available Balance 

The Available Balance is a reflection of all the transactions in your account in the Approved status. The Approved status is short-lived compared to the other statuses, which means you may find that the Available Balance in your account does not last for a long time. This is because, once a transaction enters the Approved status, the commission is waiting to be paid out to you in the next billing cycle. 


Pending Balance

The Pending Balance is the sum of all the transactions in your account in the Pending and Locked statuses. The Pending Balance in your homepage is to reflect the commission earnings in your account. You can find all transactions and their respective statuses (i.e. Pending and Locked, etc.) in the Transactions section of your account. 


For a more in-depth explanation of the different transactions statuses and how the publisher payment process works, please visit our Help Centre article here.