Advertiser Profile and Settings

The advertiser profile and settings form part of the integration requirements and include areas that advertise your program to potential publishers.


  1. Upload Image: Upload 200 x 200 High Resolution logo of your brand  
  2. Program Name: Verify your account name is correct according to your brand name 
  3. About Us: Write a brief description of your brand/service. 
  4. Top Brands: Include some of your top selling brands or products to highlight to your publishers (if applicable)
  5. Social media handles: add the links to your company social media profiles (if applicable)
  6. Contact Email address: make sure you enter the best contact email for publishers to contact you on.
  7. Categories: review and update where required your categories. This will ensure publishers can find you under the most relevant categories in the directory.
  8. Full Campaign Description: Your campaign description gives affiliates a detailed overview of your business and your affiliate program. It is important that you give enough information about what you do and who you are, as well as the benefits for affiliates. Remember this is not consumer focused but B2B focused communication. Here is an example of campaign description for your reference:  
  9. Valid campaign base URLs: This is populated automatically
  10. Default Campaign URL: This is populated automatically
  11. Target Market: Select you target market country for your brand/service. If you support international shipping, kindly select Global. This will be set to AU if not specified. 

Make sure you save the changes.


  1. Acceptance Email:  Information here will be automatically sent to affiliates once you have approved them to join the program. This is fully customisable and you should include quick links or information that helps the affiliate to get started, including a reminder of your program specifics such as commission rate on offer, cookie period, allowed promotional channels etc. 
  2. Decline and Permanent Decline email are auto generated, but you can also customise the email copy. 
  3. Signature: you can set a signature that will be automatically appended to all your communication in platform, so great way to share your details with your publishers.


Review the commission, cookie and reported currency settings under Commissions.  For custom commission rules, there are many different ways to commission and you can review this in detail here. It's important to note that some commission settings are dependant on the information shared from the transaction via the conversion pixel (e.g. SKU, Customer type etc) and what plan you have opted into.


  1. Affiliate Approvals: This determines how affiliates are joined to your program. Manual would require  manually reviewing and approving or rejecting all applications . Screen would allow you to review the application for up to 72 hours before they get automatically approved. Immediate means that affiliates would be immediately approved upon requesting to join your program. As the program is still new on the network, we would suggest that you go with manual approvals to understand the affiliates better and attract quality affiliates.  
  2. Commission Approvals: This is the number of days a transaction is pending before being locked for invoicing and then payment - also known as the validation period. This is typically 30 days. However, in the event that you would require more time due to returns and cancellations, please update this setting.


  1. Select/Unselect the promotional method according to your preference.  You can view the promotional methods glossary here.


Click Append Parameters (go to: Campaign > Tracking > Rules) are variables or UTM parameters (for GA) that are added to the end of your target URL when an affiliate sends traffic to your website. This is where you would add your Google Analytics parameters if you are using GA for example.



Add your email address and select the type of notifications you would like receive when an activity takes place on the platform such as a new affiliate application, weekly report, a transaction is tracked etc.  



Add additional users that requires access to the platform under this section. You can also select the access level for every user that is added depending on your preference.