What should I do when an advertiser I'm promoting closes their program?

In this article, we help affiliates understand what they can expect and what they can do when an advertiser program closes.

When an advertiser closes their program, affiliates can still expect to receive any pending commissions that are owed by the advertiser. These commissions will be processed as usual and paid out in due time. 

If an advertiser closes, any affiliate tracking links for the program will be automatically broken. It is best for affiliates to remove the links as soon as possible or use another brand's tracking links. 

Affiliates are more than welcome to search and submit applications to similar competing brands in the Advertiser Marketplace. To access the Advertiser Marketplace, go to Marketplace > Advertisers and use the search bar or the filter to find other advertiser programs to apply to. The filter allows affiliates to narrow results for specific categories, commission type, program status and creatives. 


For more information on why your advertiser program application may still be pending, please visit our Help Centre article here