Preparing for peak sales events

In this guide, we discuss our tips on how affiliates can prepare for online peak sales events.

Provide a quarterly media kit ready for brands

We recommend preparing a quarterly media kit to present brands with new updates, upcoming campaign and placements opportunities, updated statistics, and fees. 

This puts affiliates front of mind and first in line when approaching brands with opportunities. This helps both affiliates and brands alike to get prepared early as opposed to last-minute campaign bookings. For more information on media kits, please see this Help Centre guide. 

Focus on target audiences for sales events

It is important to be mindful that certain target audiences will perform better for specific key sales events. For example, Back To School campaigns will perform better for an older audience, whereas the 11.11 Singles Event may perform better for a younger audience. 

Brands are fond of partnering with affiliates that can reach their desired audiences in order to maximize return.  For each sales event, we recommend keeping this in mind and approaching relevant brands with favorable engagement and audience statistics. 

Focus on efficient communications with brands 

Often, brands have multiple stakeholders involved in the process of setting up campaigns. We suggest providing brands with all information and requirements at the beginning of your discussions. This ensures that brands are able to make a quicker and more informed decision with any relevant stakeholders. By considering efficient communication as a best practice when preparing for campaigns, it can provide both affiliates and brands with greater efficiency and the ability to build stronger partnerships. 

Remember brands have a budget 

If possible, we recommend creating different exposure packages that brands can choose from within a media kit or rate card. Examples of exposure packages include tiered packages, PR packages, onboarding (new partnership) packages, etc. This will enable brands to increase their return on ad spend while also increasing sales numbers for affiliates. Affiliates can also state in their media kit or rate card whether they have the capability to negotiate or be flexible with a brand's budget.

Be prepared on the campaign day

It is important to have contingency plans in place in case of last-minute changes. Thinking ahead will reduce any issues that could arise, but can also help to optimise live campaigns. We recommend:

- Ensuring all commission rates are correct for any agreed CPA increases. 

- Double-check that all tracking and creatives are up and running. 

- Checking and aligning with brand offers where necessary.

- Pivoting to ensure peak performance on the day.

- Posting on social media to maximize campaign coverage.


For more information on our Publisher Best Practice, please see another one of our Help Centre guides here