How to promote using Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt the most well-known social media platform. This article explains how you can use Facebook to promote advertisers.

Adding Facebook to your traffic sources

In order to promote through a Facebook page/s you run, you will need to connect your Facebook account to your Commission Factory account. This can be done in the Traffic Sources section of your account. To access this page, log in to the Commission Factory platform. Go to your Settings tab and then select Traffic Sources at the top of the page.

To connect your Facebook page/s, simply scroll down to the Connect your Social Networks section. There will be fields for different social media pages, simply click on the Connect text on the Facebook row.

This will then prompt you to log in to the social media channel. Simply log in to your Facebook account here and accept the permissions requests.

How to promote via Facebook

After you have successfully linked your Facebook account to your Commission Factory account, you’re now able to start promoting via your Facebook page/s.

In order to earn commission on sales, your audience will need to click through one of your Commission Factory Affiliate Tracking Links. Tracking links can be found in the Creatives section of your Affiliate account and under the Text Links section.

To learn more about Text Links, please see the following articles:

Creating Text or Deep Links

What is a Deep Link


Personal Feed Posts - The classic way to monetise your Facebook page/s is to simply add your affiliate tracking link to your posts and share it with your friends. You can promote an advertiser by mentioning their upcoming promotion or coupon code and add a call to action to incentivise your audience to click through your affiliate link.

Pages/Groups Posts - If you run a Facebook page or group, you can always create posts to promote brands with. You can incentivise your page/group members with offers and promotions the brand has and direct them to click through your affiliate link. For example, saying something along the lines of "This brand has a 20% off sitewide sale, click here to shop now so you don't miss out". You can also share a coupon code alongside your affiliate link. 

Exclusive Clickless Coupon Codes - Requesting an exclusive clickless coupon code from an advertiser to use in your promotional efforts is a great way to incentivise your audience. 
Exclusive clickless coupon codes can be added to your Facebook posts. 


Please note: It is important to stay in the know of what the platform's affiliate disclosure rules are. To find out more information, please visit the platform's website and read through their advertising guidelines and/or disclosure rules. 


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