How do I search the directory and invite affiliates to my program?

Affiliate recruitment is an essential part of affiliate program management.

As a network we are constantly recruiting new and exciting publishers to become affiliates with Commission Factory. Whilst many of these affiliates will be proactive and apply to join your program it is a good idea to search our directory and invite new affiliates onto your program regularly. Below are some tips on how to do that.

Searching for a known affiliate

1. Go to the Directory section in your Affiliates Dashboard


2. If you know the name of the affiliate you are looking for, you can use the search bar to look for them.


If you are not certain of the name, you can use related key words to search for them too.


TIP: some affiliates might be called something different to their website name – so we recommend trying a few different key words if you can’t find who you are looking for.

e.g. is registered as Hive Empire Pty Ltd.


Searching for an unknown affiliate, or general new recruitment

1. Go to the Directory section in your Affiliates Dashboard

2. Use the Filter option to narrow your search of affiliates by type and category. This will help you find a more relevant pool of affiliates to suit your brand. You can also filter by country where the affiliate is based.


3. Select ‘show traffic sources’ and sort your pool by highest rank. To change the order of your affiliate table according to rank, just double click the heading ‘rank’.


TIP: Ranking is a measurement of how active the affiliate is within the Commission Factory network. Whilst all affiliates start out on a 0 rank once they start making clicks and conversions their ranking will increase.

4. Once you have your pool of affiliates open you can now go through them and review their traffic sources. Click on their
URL to open it in a new window. Use the eyeball icon on the right to find out any additional information the affiliate has provided about themselves. Use the speech bubble icon to message the affiliate if you have a question about them.  


5. If you decide you would like to invite the affiliate to your program you can then use the person + icon to invite them to apply for your program.


TIP: once you invite an affiliate to join your program, they will receive an email of your request. They then still must apply to join and you will still have to approve their application before they can begin to promote your brand.

6. To review all affiliates you have invited, go to the
Invitations section in your affiliates dashboard.


If you still cannot find the affiliate you are looking for, reach out to your account manager and let them know you have looked for them but cannot find them.

For more information on recruiting affiliates not already on our network we recommend this article