Managing affiliates

The  "Manage affiliates" area in your Commission Factory account will be your management hub for your affiliate relationships. This area will allow you to view your pool of selected affiliates, screen pending affiliate applications, view affiliate profiles and other tasks such as issuing affiliates notice of removal from your program.

At the top of your page will be the quick view. Your affiliate pool will be broken down into affiliate status, affiliate activity and top affiliates within your program. This section will also give you an indication of the average time to approve an affiliate or make a decision on their application.

Net Rank

The affiliates net rank on Commission Factory will also be shown to you, giving you a quick visual indication of the affiliate's performance and potential within your program. A higher rank means a more active affiliate, and a great partner.

 View Report - This will show this affiliate's activity and performance report.

 View Affiliate - This will take you through to the affiliate profile.

 Message Affiliate - This will take you through to the Message Centre and allow you to message the affiliate directly.

  More Information - This will expand the information to include further information on the affiliate's traffic source/s.