As an advertiser, you have the ability to invite affiliates to your program - this is a quick and effective method of recruitment. Your invitations area will keep track of the current invitations you have sent out, either manually or via the affiliate directory, and shows a status update on each.


New Invitation


To send a new invitation to an affiliates, simply click on the Directory sub-menu in Affiliates, enter the name of the contact / person (if known) or website URL. The Commission Factory platform will list contacts relevant to your search parameters. 


If there is a match to your search query, select the Invite Affiliate icon located on the right hand side of an affiliate listing. This will send an invitation to the affiliate to join your program. We have 40 000 + affiliates on our network, so it is encourage to narrow down your search by typing in names/URLs of an affiliate that could potentially be on our database.

You can also browse the directory for relevant affiliates to invite to join your program. Our tips to help narrow down the list include:

  • Sort by Rank - highest to lowest
  • Use the filters to narrow the list down to affiliates relevant to your vertical or by the type of affiliate you are looking to recruit, eg. social, content, coupon
  • Multi select all the appropriate partners and scroll to the bottom of the page to invite all

Remember you can also directly message them from this area. This is a great way to help encourage them to accept your invite and to start promoting you.