Creating QR Code Tracking Links

This Help Centre article shows affiliates how to create their own unique QR code tracking link in their Commission Factory account.

Creating your unique affiliate QR code tracking link is similar to creating a standard text and deep tracking link.  

Once joined to an advertiser program/s in your Commission Factory affiliate account, you can then start promoting the brand with the assets provided in the Creatives section. 

To create your QR code tracking link, click Creatives then Text Links. From there, click the three-dot icon on the right-hand side of the advertiser you would like to promote and select Get HTML

This will open an overlay where you can customise your tracking link. If you would like to link to a specific product page or category on the advertiser's website, simply copy and paste the URL from the advertiser's website and paste it in the Custom target URL field (this is optional). Another optional tracking link customisation is adding a unique ID

Once happy with your link, simply select QR code under the Link Type subheading to convert the link to a QR code format. Once your QR code is generated at the bottom, click Download Asset and share the QR code with your audience. 


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