Billing Process for Advertisers

The billing process for your merchant program with Commission Factory works in the following way. 

  1. A conversion is tracked in the dashboard.
  2. The conversion will have status of “pending” for the duration of your validation period, usually 30 days, unless you go in and manually amend, void or lock transactions before this timeframe is reached. 
  3. After the validation period ends, any transactions still “pending” will automatically become “locked” as the dashboard has determined this as valid trade. You can also lock these manually before the validation period lapses. 
  4. Once a transaction or transactions become “locked” they can no longer be voided or amended. All locked transactions will be invoiced on the next billing run.
  5. You will then receive an invoice for “locked” transactions from the previous validation period for your program. If this is 30 days, you will receive an invoice for all “locked” transactions that have become locked within the last 30 days.
What do the transaction statuses mean?

If you would like to find out more about each transaction status and what they mean, please take a look at our transaction status article for more information:

What transactions will I get invoiced for? 
Commission Factory will only ever invoice you for “locked” transactions as “locked” transactions are viewed to be valid trade. If a transaction is not valid and needs to be amended or voided, you can do so only within the validation period of your program and this will ensure you are not invoiced for these transactions. You can amend or void a transaction as required, reasons for this may include if a customer returned an item and the order therefore needs to be voided. Completing transaction checks and voiding or amending within the validation period, ensures you will only be billed for locked and valid trade.  You can read a step by step guide on how to validate transactions here:

How can I check what the validation period is on my advertiser program?
If you would like to check what the validation period is on your program, you can do so any time by heading to the dashboard and  going into Campaign → Approvals. Here you will be able to see your commission approval period window which is the timeframe that invoices are based around for your program.

How can I see more details about the transactions I have been invoiced for?
You will receive a transaction report with an invoice each time it is sent out and you can also download a transaction report for every invoice via the dashboard. To do so, simply head to the dashboard and go into Settings → Invoices and click on the downward arrow next to the invoice you would like to view the transaction report for. This report will show you exactly what you are paying for and includes details of each transaction that the invoice covers.