Understanding transactions

This article helps affiliates understand the Transactions reporting in their account.

Transactions that have been driven by your website/traffic source are recorded and shown in your Reporting > Transactions area. This area gives you an overview of the total amount of transactions in a specific date range and gives you a breakdown of approved, void, locked, paid, and pending transactions for your account.

By default, you will be able to see the click and sale dates for the transactions, the order id, the advertiser you made the transaction for, as well as the sale and commission amounts. To view further information about a transaction, simply click on the arrow, on the right-hand side of the page, which will expand the information to include detailed statistics.

Transaction Status

Each of your transactions may fall under the following transactional status:

  • Pending - A transaction that just recently occurred and is awaiting the validation period to be completed
  • Locked - A transaction that has passed the validation period and will be billed to the advertiser on the next cycle
  • Approved - These transactions have now been billed, money received from the advertiser, and are now due for payment to affiliates in your next invoice
  • Paid - These transactions have been paid out to affiliates. No changes can occur and cannot be reversed
  • Void - Invalid or canceled orders that will not be included in invoices.

Date Ranges

To adjust the date range for the transactions, clicking into the field will give you common options such as This Week or This Month, or Custom where you can specify the date ranges you would like to search.

Filtering Transactions

To filter transactions, click on the Filter button which will present further options to narrow down your results, such as filtering by the advertiser, status, country, or device used by the customer to checkout.


For full detailed information on how our Publisher Payment Process works, please see our Help Centre article here