Transaction validation

Transaction validation is the process of checking the transactions reporting in your Commission Factory account with the transactions in your e-commerce system and void, amend or lock.

Performing validations

There are 3 main ways to perform validation, and depending on how many transactions and resources will depend on which one you use.

  • Method 1: Individual Select: In the transaction area you will notice options to amend, lock or void the transaction. Therefore you can go through each transaction one-by-one and lock, amend or void the transaction.
  • Method 2: Bulk Select: In the same transaction table, on the left hand side you will notice check boxes at the start of each transaction row, you therefore can go down the list selecting those you want to void, or lock. At the bottom of the transaction table, you will notice buttons appear to bulk void or lock the transactions. 
Please Note: You cannot bulk amend using method 2 as you need to enter in the new sales value for amended orders.  Once you have locked a transaction, it will then be invoiced on your next invoice scheduled and can no longer be voided.

  • Method 3: Bulk Validation: This method is best used when you have over 50+ transactions or when the process of using Method 1 & 2 becomes tiresome. Bulk Validation can be done from Transactions > Bulk Uploads. This requires you to upload a csv file that will update a large number of transactions at one time. 


Amending transactions should only be done to adjust for partial returns or if for some reason the sale value reported incorrectly.  When amending you simply need to input the new amount after clicking on the "amend" button for each transaction or by using the Bulk Upload feature (Method 3).

Automatic Validation

Since affiliates can't wait indefinitely for commission and to reduce the likelihood of mismanagement, after 30 days from sale date pending transactions will automatically lock for payout. Therefore you should void out any commissions you don't want to pay before this happens.