Where to use QR codes

Affiliates are now able to format their tracking links into QR codes. This article outlines the different ways affiliates can promote brands with their QR code tracking links.

Video Content

Publishers can edit and overlay a QR code to their YouTube videos or Twitch streams and inform viewers they can scan the code to visit the brand/s promoted in their videos.  

Printed media

Publishers can share a QR Code on printed media such as banners, flyers, or cards and distribute them to audience members and visitors at an event or a function.  

Content blogs

Embed a QR Code into blog content and written articles to provide a clear call-to-action and direct consumers to brands' mobile sites.  

Printed magazines

Add a QR Code to printed, published magazines and articles to direct readers to brands' online stores.  


For more information on how to create QR code tracking links, please see another one of our Help Centre guides here