Where to find an advertiser's contact details

This short guide helps affiliates understand where to find an advertiser's email contact details on the platform.

To find an advertiser's contact details, affiliates must first head to the Advertiser Marketplace in their account by selecting Marketplace > Advertisers. Then, simply search for the name of the brand you are looking to contact and click the three-dot icon on the right-hand side and select View Advertiser

Please note: Affiliates must be approved onto the advertiser's program in order to be able to see the brand's contact information. 

Once on the advertiser's profile page, affiliates will be able to see the brand's contact email address on the bottom left-hand side card tile.  

Please note: Not all advertisers have their contact details visible for affiliates. In this case, please utilise the Message Centre to reach out to the brand. 


For more information on advertiser profile pages, please see another one of our Help Centre articles here