What is ITP?

ITP, an initialism for Intelligent Tracking Prevention and is a privacy feature of the Apple browser Safari.

Tracking prevention was introduced by Apple as a means of protecting users online privacy. Third-party cookies have been blocked by default for some time but it is the first-party cookie that became integral to the user experience on browsers and has traditionally been safe from forms of automatic blocking or removal.

These first-party cookies you are exposed to on a regular basis and they achieve such seamless user experiences that we have come to expect such as keeping you logged into a service, the products you have added to your shopping cart, website settings such as which language or region you have selected and values that you have entered into forms.

However, it is these same cookies that have also been used to track users in much the same way as the third-party cookies.

ITP 2.2
ITP 2.2 reduces the accessibility and longevity of the first-party cookies down to 24 hours.

What does this mean for you?
By using a subdomain of the advertiser's root domain, our servers are able to set 1st party cookies in the server response headers rather than relying on JavaScript running in the browser.

By providing   Custom Tracking Domains to each user of our  CF MasterTag, we can take our cross-site tracking domains out of the equation and the domain that sent the user to the page will only be used to direct users to one site. Because the resulting cookies are set by server response headers and belong to the primary domain, they are exempt.

If you are an advertiser and have not yet implemented this request, please contact us as soon as possible to get updated.