Custom Tracking Domain

In an effort to enhance the integrity of tracking and to adhere to new privacy efforts being enforced by browser developers, Advertisers will be required to integrate Custom Tracking Domains as part of our redundancy efforts.

IMPORTANT: These instructions are for a hypothetical advertiser with the domain and should serve as an example only. Any reference to must be replaced with the correct domain. Please see the note at the end of the instructions for more information about domain names.

To get started with Custom Tracking Domains, can you (or your domain administrator) please arrange for the following new record to be added to your DNS server for your domain:

Record Type:

Name / Label / Host / Subdomain (*):

Value / Alias / Destination / Target:

TTL (Time To Live):
3600 (1 hour)

(*) By adding a record named cfjump to the domain the “fully qualified domain name” would be

Please be assured that adding a new record cannot interfere with any part of your website, shopping cart, emails, or anything else related to your domain.

Depending on your DNS provider, this is usually a very simple task and should only take a few minutes. Below is a list of several popular DNS providers, along with support articles that explain how to add a new DNS record (if you are using a different provider, please consult their support documentation for assistance):

  • Amazon Route 53 ( - please ensure that "Alias" is set to "No")
  • Azure DNS ( - this is a tutorial only, please fill in the correct values as specified above)
  • Cloudflare ( - please ensure that "Proxy Status" is set to "DNS ONLY")
  • Crazy Domains (
  • DigitalOcean (
  • DNS Made Easy (
  • DNSimple (
  • DreamHost (
  • Google Domains (
  • MelbourneIT (
  • Netregistry (
  • Rackspace (

Please let your account manager know once you have made this change. We will need to make some configuration changes to your Commission Factory advertiser account to enable Custom Tracking Domains, but we aren't able to make those changes until the above DNS record has been created.

NOTE REGARDING DOMAINS: The domain is the portion of your website address that can be purchased from a Domain Name Registrar. For example, these are all different domains:


Note that even though and look similar, they are different domains, and are completely unrelated to each other.

A single domain can have multiple subdomains. For example, these are all subdomains that are part of the same domain,


If your entire website and shopping cart operate under a single domain, you can easily configure Custom Tracking Domains using the above instructions. For example:

  • Both your website and your shopping cart operate from with no subdomains
  • Your website operates from and your shopping cart operates from, which are both part of the domain
  • You serve Australian customers from and New Zealand customers from, which are both part of the domain
  • You serve desktop customers from and mobile customers from, which are both part of the domain

However, if your website and/or shopping cart operate from multiple different domains, you might not be able to configure Custom Tracking Domains. For example:

  • Your website operates from but your shopping cart operates from, which are different domains
  • You serve Australian customers from and New Zealand customers from, which are different domains
If you are unsure whether or not your particular setup is suitable for Custom Tracking Domains, or if you need assistance creating the new DNS record, please contact your Commission Factory account manager.