What is included in my commission?

This guide outlines what is included in publisher commission earned on transactions.

For each transaction, affiliates will earn a percentage of commission based on the total sale value that has been recorded in the platform. Our platform will automatically calculate the commission amount earned on each transaction based on the advertiser's commission rate, which will vary from program to program. 

When a transaction occurs from an affiliate on our platform, the advertiser will pass back sale value data to our platform. In most cases, the sale value amount passed back has GST, shipping, and gift card purchases deducted from the total cost. As a result, commission amounts generally do not have these factors included and are based more solely on the product basket total rather than the checkout total. 

For further details on a transaction, affiliates can click the three-dot icon on the right-hand side of the transactions to view 'More Information'.  This will include details regarding the transaction's sale value, click date, validation date, commission, etc. 

Please note: Commission amounts may be affected if the advertiser has set up commission rules. For more information on commission rules, please visit our Help Centre article here