What are commission rules?

Each advertiser may have commission rules that are set up in their program. This article explains what commission rules are and where to find them in your affiliate account.

What are commission rules? 

We all know there is a default commission rate for each program. However, each advertiser program may have its own commission rules set up that affect what amount of commission is earned on a particular sale generated by the affiliate. These rules vary from advertiser to advertiser so it is important to stay informed on what commission rules are set up on the program (if any). Most commonly, an advertiser may set up commission rule conditions, such as:

Product SKU: A particular product can have a commission rule set up to increase or decrease the commission earned on it. 

Product Category: Similar to product SKU, a certain product category, for example, Electronics and Homewares may have a different commission rate set up. 

Coupon usage: An advertiser may decide to lower the commission earned by the affiliate if the consumer used a coupon code at checkout. Or maybe only specific coupon codes will have a different commission rate. 

Where to find commission rules 

Commission rates and rules can be found by going to the Commissions tab within Account Settings. Here, affiliates can search for specific advertiser programs they are joined to, and filter by Current Rates, Upcoming Rates, and Historic Rates. Affiliates can download a file of the listed commission rules. Alongisde this, there is also a feature within this section for affiliates to test commission rules. 

Commission rules can also be found in your account by going to the Advertisers section of the marketplace. Simply click the three-dot icon on the right-hand side of the advertiser name. This will open up a new tab that shows all information on the advertiser's program. Then, simply click on the Commissions subheading. 

Where to test commission rules

Testing commission rules can be done by going to the Commissions tab within Account Settings

“Testing” your commission rates gives you the opportunity to view and validate how a specific advertiser’s rules are applied before it happens in the real world.

Within the testing window, you can determine how much commission you will receive based on the conditions you test the transaction in.


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