What is a self-referral sale?

This Help Centre guide explains what a self-referral sale is.

A self-referral sale is a transaction that originates from the same tracking link and IP address as the affiliate's Commission Factory account. 

This would mean a user purchases from a brand's website using their own affiliate tracking link, whilst also using the same IP address as the one their Commission Factory account was created with. 

Please note: Multiple users utilising the same network can have the same IP address, so even it is a relative, friend, or colleague who purchases using your affiliate link it is considered a self-referral sale. 

Our platform may not track conversions originating from the IP address of an affiliate login to prevent 'self-referrals'. If a self-referral sale was indeed tracked to your account, the transaction may be subject to being voided by the advertiser and thus no commission will be earned.

For information on why a sale may not have been tracked, please visit another one of our Help Centre guides here