Commission Rate Pages

This article shows affiliates how to view their current, upcoming and historic commission rates across advertiser programs.

What are commission rate pages? 

Commission rate pages enable visibility for affiliates to see commission rates current, upcoming and historic rates across advertiser programs. 

How to find commission rates

Commission rates can be found by clicking Marketplace > Advertisers which takes affiliates to the Advertisers Marketplace. On the right-hand side of each advertiser, affiliates can click on the three vertical dots icon to View advertiser. This will open a new tab with all information about the advertiser's program. 

By going into the Commission rates tab, this is where affiliates can find all current, upcoming and historic rates. 

Underneath the Commission Rules heading in the dropdown box, affiliates can toggle between Current Rates, Upcoming Rates, and Historic Rates

The current rates will show the default commission rate, along with a list of any other commission rules in order of priority that might affect the default commission rate. 

Affiliates also have the ability to export a file of any of the commission rates by clicking on the three vertical dots icon on the top right-hand side. Affiliates can either download as a CSV, JSON, or XML file. 

For a video tutorial on how to access commission rates, please watch our YouTube video below.


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