Commission Rate Pages

This article shows affiliates how to view their current, upcoming and historic commission rates across advertiser programs.

What are commission rate pages and where can I find them? 

Commission rate pages enable visibility for affiliates to see commission rates current, upcoming, and historic rates across advertiser programs to track how they are being rewarded for their affiliate activity. 

There are two different places within the platform where affiliates can view commission rates, either via Account Settings or the Advertiser Marketplace. 


Viewing commission rates in Account Settings 

You can view all current commission rates in Settings > Commissions. Here, you will find a table that consolidates all the advertisers you are working with and their active and upcoming commission rates. Use the search bar at the top of the table to filter by a specific advertiser’s rates.

To view advertisers’ historic rates from the time their program went live, click the dropdown that states Current Rates and select View historic rates. In the table, you will be able to see the start and end date of past commission rates and filter by date range if you wish to see all historic rates at a specific point in time.

If you would like an export, select Download and choose the format you require (CSV, JSON and XML).

You can also view how placements will affect your commission rates directly within your account settings. Placements that you have created where you have requested a commission increase will temporarily increase your commission rates while those placements are live. The commission increase is entered as a percentage used to multiply the advertiser's default and custom commission rates. For example, if the advertiser's default commission rate is 5% and they offer a commission increase of 50% while the placement is live, the commission rate will be increased by 2.5% (50% of 5% = 2.5%) and the total commission rate will be 7.5%. For more information about placements, visit our help desk.


Testing your commission rates

“Testing” your commission rates gives you the opportunity to view and validate how a specific advertiser’s rules are applied before it happens in the real world.

Within the testing window, you can determine how much commission you will receive based on the conditions you test the transaction in.


Let’s say you wish to test how much commission an advertiser (let’s call them “Jack London”) will commission when a return customer makes a transaction. Within the testing window, you can select Jack London from the ‘Applied by’ dropdown and add a new parameter (“customer”) and value (“return”), indicating the circumstance of the transaction.

The test function will filter through Jack London’s entire list of active commission rules and show you which of the rates partially meet the conditions you have chosen, and specifically highlight the exact commission rule that will be applied. Depending on how the commission rules are prioritised will affect which rate is applied in this scenario.


Viewing commission rates in the Advertiser Marketplace

Commission rates can be found by clicking Marketplace > Advertisers which takes affiliates to the Advertisers Marketplace. On the right-hand side of each advertiser, affiliates can click on the three vertical dots icon to View advertiser. This will open a new tab with all information about the advertiser's program. 

By going into the Commission rates tab, this is where affiliates can find all current, upcoming and historic rates. 

Underneath the Commission Rules heading in the dropdown box, affiliates can toggle between Current Rates, Upcoming Rates, and Historic Rates

The current rates will show the default commission rate, along with a list of any other commission rules in order of priority that might affect the default commission rate. 

Affiliates also have the ability to export a file of any of the commission rates by clicking on the three vertical dots icon on the top right-hand side. Affiliates can either download as a CSV, JSON, or XML file. 

For a video tutorial on how to access commission rates, please watch our YouTube video below.


For more help on understanding the transaction reporting in your account, please visit another one of our Help Centre articles here.