wecantrack Integration

This Help Centre article shows affiliates how they can integrate their Commission Factory conversion data into the wecantrack platform.

What is wecantrack? 

wecantrack is a software solution that allows affiliates to integrate their affiliate network conversion data into marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. 

By following the steps below, affiliates can easily integrate Commission Factory into wecantrack via an API. 


How to integrate Commission Factory into wecantrack via an API

  1. Create a wecantrack account
  2. Create an API key for your Commission Factory account (if you do not have one already).
  3. Connect your Commission Factory account to the wecantrack system via the API
  4. Connect your website to the wecantrack system
  5. Activate the integration feature

Please feel free to read wecantrack's process on integrating Commission Factory here