Understanding Transactions

Bulk Upload Instructions
Transaction Queries

Transactions are the sales tracked via an affiliate link which attributes it to the corresponding affiliate. The transactions will feature the commission owed to the affiliate based on the sale value. The transaction will also feature the order ID of the transaction, plus other relevant information.

Additional Conversion Details

If you click the arrow on the right-hand side, you can drop down a particular order and see additional conversion details such as the creative name & type, the validation date, the traffic source and whether a coupon was used at checkout (if you pass the coupon variable).

Transaction Status 

  • Pending - transactions that have been tracked and are open for validation
  • Locked - the transactions have been approved or auto-validated after the validation period and will appear on the next invoice
  • Void - transactions that you have declined during the validation period
  • Approved - these transactions have been paid by the merchant and sent to affiliates

Large GIF (480x240)Filtering Options

The most recent transactions will feature at the top. You can change the dates and customise them to the required dates. You can also filter them by selecting ‘filter’ based on an affiliate, the status of the transaction, country and device. 


If you require pulling a report broken down by each transaction you can select Export to CSV at the bottom of the page and all the data for each transaction will be available on an excel spreadsheet. You can also export to JSON or XML format. Exporting a transaction report would be necessary for Validations.

Bulk Upload

You can utilise the bulk upload if you need to process multiple order IDs. The batch types can be for:

  • Creating transactions by affiliate ID
  • Creating transactions by click ID
  • Amend transactions
  • Lock transactions
  • Void transactions

You can download the required template by selecting the batch type you wish to process and selecting Download CSV Template. Once you have input the right data you can Upload Now and as long as the order IDs match what is in the dashboard the status will say Successful.

Transaction Queries

Transaction queries are lodged by an affiliate normally due to an untracked or missed transaction. Often transaction queries will come from affiliates that conduct loyalty or cashback promotions, as a member has inquired to why they have not got their loyalty points or cashback. If a transaction query appears, the merchant has to identify whether the customer is eligible for that particular cashback or not. The tick or cross will have to be selected accordingly.