Bulk Uploading Transactions

The bulk upload feature allows you to upload a batch file to bulk create, amend, lock, revert, or void.

Using Bulk Uploads

Bulk uploads require a CSV file to be uploaded to update the transactions in the system. This CSV in all cases MUST have a column of Order ID's that match those transactions in the Commission Factory system. Our system matches them against your file in order to update them.

Bulk Uploads Files

There are 5 batch file types you can upload into the bulk uploads area:
  1. Create - list of transaction you want to create in the transaction area
  2. Amend - list of transactions you want to update the sale value.
  3. Lock - list of transactions that you are happy to have invoiced and approved to affiliates.
  4. Revert - list of transactions you want to change back to a pending state from either a locked or void state. In order for a transaction to be reverted back to a pending state from locked, it must be within the validation period.
  5. Void- List of transactions you would like to void

Data you will need in the files

Depending on which file type (listed above) you plan on uploading will determine what data is needed. Templates are provided that outline the columns needed in the Bulk Uploads area. For example, selecting ‘lock transactions’ from the batch type drop-down box and clicking the "Download CSV Template" in the screenshot below would give you the locked template.