Suspension Catalogue

Our suspension catalogue is a comprehensive list of the different compliance breaches that can result in an affiliate's account suspension from the network.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Unauthorised direct linking from any search engine.
  • Ad hijacking.
  • Brand bidding.

Unethical Content

  • Inappropriate (porn, violence, etc).
  • Misleading content.
  • Misrepresentative content.
  • Illegal (affirming or supporting that which is illegal) content.
  • Intellectual property violation/plagiarism.


  • Start and end dates that are displayed incorrectly.
  • The coupon value displayed and represented inaccurately.
  • Coupons not differentiated from discounts or deals.
  • If a customer is directed or invited to click on a coupon/voucher without the knowledge that they will be redirected to an advertiser's website. 
  • Specific terms and conditions related to each coupon not displayed clearly.

Please feel free to view the network guidelines informed by IAB UK code of conduct for voucher codes:

Unethical traffic

  • Pop-ups.
  • Pop-unders.
  • Typosquatting.
  • Omitted traffic type for the programme.
  • Bot traffic.
  • The site does not belong to the affiliate.

Tracking Manipulation

  • The dropping of cookies at any other point than at the click of a real user to a brand's website, for example, on an impression.
  • Attempting to mask the site a cookie is dropped on with multiple redirects.
  • Creation of fake transactions to drive commissionable sales.


  • An illegal activity where the use of a fraudulent or unauthorised credit card to make commissionable transactions. Use of a fake identity to make commissionable transactions.


To see our Code of Conduct for Coupon and Offer Affiliates, please visit our Help Centre article here